Our Team

Our course is taught by a prestigious group of specialized, interdisciplinary professors with proven track records and with the collaboration of NGOs and other institutions that participate actively in the field of international cooperation. The academic staff is also composed of researchers from the four universities collaborating with the Mundus Urbano program.

Collaborating Institutions

In addition to our official partnership with UN-Habitat and RMIT University, our partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) enables our program to feature a 3-week, IFRC-approved Human Shelter &  Settlements course taught by professionals from the IFRC as well as from other organizations like MSF, AECID, JRS International and Cal-Earth. We regularly collaborate with more than 30 other organizations that provide our students with internships.


UIC Professors

Visiting Professors & Collaborators

The master has improved consistently in recent years and recruits students that are committed and highly capable. Very impressed by both the administration, and students. A top program.

Sergio Palleroni, Portland State University

As an educator who has leveraged over 500 students from some 20 design schools in real-world, hands-on workshops, I feel confident stating that the UIC Master is a very high quality opportunity for young public-interest design practitioners in a world that appears to need such professionals more each day.

Nathaniel Corum, Professor

An excellent and unique course that is internationally recognized, and recently referenced at a presentation at Harvard University as exemplar of good teaching, organization and content.

Nabeel Hamdi, Professor, Oxford Brookes University

Having been involved in the master since its inception as a student, I have witnessed its evolution firsthand in all aspects; particularly under its current manangement, the master has never been better. The quality of students it attracts and their subsequent work output has increased annually during my time teaching here.

Mbongeni Ngulube, Professor